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~a journey to the big city~

My idea of starting my celebration of Eid usually involves an express bus from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru, driving for 3 to 4 hours, or catching a ride with my sister or brother to go back to my hometown. Ever since I was 18, I've  traveled a fair bit interstate; mainly KL to JB and back. This year the traveling is a bit different though; particularly for Eid ul-Adha that was celebrated on the 27th November. I'm not exactly going back to a small, quiet hometown-like-place, rather going to the big city; Brisbane. Well, not that big, big, but bigger than Maroochydore; the nearest big town/city from USC. =) A bus ride and an express train ride which took 2 hours altogether takes me from USC to Brisbane city. I stopped by Fortitude Valley to buy some food from the Asian foodstore and wanted to have a retail therapy at the city but was too tired and went straight to St Lucia to the comfort of 243 Carmody Road... =) I've not been spending time with the St Lucia clan and a 'Taringan" (she's renting at Taringa..Hehe..), kinda miss them, so, Eid ul-Adha is a perfect reason for me to bug their lives...hehehe... Once there, I immediately learned how to make an Apple crumble, courtesy of Aina who despite fasting, had a craving for it. Well, I didn't exactly learned how to make it, I basically watched and amused her while she got down to work. Haha! ;-) 
For dinner, we had fried rice, garlic bread and Domino's pizza (specially from Taringa!Heh...) and complete with dessert; apple crumble! Yum! After dinner, our chef, Intan, along with Su and chief chef, Aina (:p), cooked 'lontong' for the next day's feast.  Everyone then just enjoy each others company while watching a string of reality shows on TV. Heh...

Yummy Lontong!!! 

Alhamdulillah, we carried out our Eid ul-Adha prayers at Mt. Gravatt showgrounds Friday morning and there was a mini carnival going on. Courtesy buses took us to the showgrounds and back to UQ.

Eid ul-Adha prayers...

As always, a visit to their homely place always makes me too lazy to go back to the Sunny Coast. The hot weather doesn't help as well. Oh so lazy to go out of the house! Huhuhu...  Initially, I only planned to stay a night in Brissy but instead it turned out to be a 3-nights stay. Heh...

We went for a night out in the city Friday night. Dinner at Satay Club Noodle House followed by endless picture snaps of ourselves and the solar-powered Christmas tree at King's Cross.

My dinner... (Kalau kat Mesia tak pandang nih! Haha! Eksyen!)

 Solar-powered Christmas tree at King's Cross
I went shopping on Saturday. I just bought a shirt and bananas. (Bananas? Haha!) We watched movies on DVD that night and we just talk and laugh and talk and laugh and talk... You get the idea. Six girls under one roof wouldn't be so quiet. Hehehe... And yes, I made a new friend as well. Emi, who came to Brissy from Melbourne for a conference. I've only realized that I don't have a decent picture of her and with her. I guess that won't be a problem thanks to Facebook and we'd probably meet again someday soon. Ahaks... ;)
I always forget how much fun I could have and how happy I am when I'm with my friends in Brissy. I just wish we weren't that far apart, or at least it'll be more convenient if I have a car. I guess for now, it makes me appreciate the time spent with them more.
Thanks so much for everything. You girls are the best!

 After the Eid ul-Adha prayers. Going home to 'Lontong'! hehe.. :p


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MiM 2009

Microbiology in Maleny
Queensland Branch of the Australian Society for Microbiology
Saturday 21st November 2009

 There were very interesting research topics covered by the speakers and I'm really grateful to my supervisors for encouraging me to attend. 
The meeting was a first conference thingy for some of my labmates and I think they had fun. ;)
Ysanne did a good job on her talk. I didn't however have a picture of her.
I kinda forgotten that I've my camera with me and I guess I was just not in the mood to take or be in pictures. Darn!!! I should have and now feeling a l'il bit regretful. Huhuhu...
The scenery was extremely gorgeous and would definitely be here again. I wish I have a car. A really great spot to just relax. =)

I did have a wonderful time today and the memories would be with me forever. ;)
Loads of thanks to Nikki for driving us! You've been great.

Thanks so much for the great company ladies!!!
All the best to Tara and Chrissy for their writing up! Will miss you girls now that you don't really have to be in the lab. :(

But anyways, have fun writing and you guys know where to find me. Heh... ;)
Lots of love!!!

 (Haha! Just feel like posting my own name!)

 Cheers! =)


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♫ ♪ Music and Dance ♪ ♫

Music has always been a part of my growing up days. I couldn’t really remember when it all started but I do remember taking electric organ classes when I was around 7 – 12 years old. I think. I remembered going to Yamaha Centre in Taman Pelangi and then I had private classes with an organ teacher in Stulang. What’s her name eh, Yan? My sister, Yan was also taking classes and she’s way better than me.

I stopped taking the classes when I started highschool. I was in a boarding school, which eventhough was 15 minutes drive to my home; I wasn’t allowed to go home except on certain weekends – 10 weekend-outings each year. Or maybe 12. Hhmmm... I couldn’t really remember. Anyways, apart from the school’s education excellence, the school’s marching band had a great reputation. It was the most talked about and respected school band in the state of Johor; and probably Malaysia! Hehe... Ahhh.. Those were the days... Yeah, I was a member of the school band. My whole highschool years were literally so much fun and memorable because of the school band. I was at first a bit scared and not really sure if I should join. I even asked Yan if she thinks it’s a good idea for me to try out. She was a band member herself after all. She didn’t really say anything. I ended up deciding for myself. I guess back then, she was like a super senior (she was in her final year of highschool) while I’ve just started highschool; I don’t know if she really wants to be seen talking to me?! You know, probably it’s not cool or something. Haha! Seniority was like a very big thing then. At least in my school it was. I used to be terrified of the seniors; even those a year older than me. Huhuhu... Nowadays, the school band is not as what it was then. Sad, but I guess there’s not much I can do about it. I wish I could. *Sigh*
Great moments!!!

After highschool, I wanted to join the Uni’s orchestra but it was not open to students who are not doing a music course. I was a bit sad; disappointed mostly. It was not until I was finishing my MSc that an orchestra club was formed and opened to all students. But by then, I was too lazy to care. Even so, I was always a sucker for band competitions, battle of the drums, cheer!, orchestras, dance shows, musicals and anything that can make me move... Hehehe... I was also into theatres and plays. However, being a student, it was always a free one or at a minimum cost. Heh... It was always fun nonetheless. =)
Along the years and until now, music was one of my best buddies. An escape to a world of no worries, a shoulder to cry on, my dance partner ;), a splash of hope, romantic dreams, a bright smile, a wish come true, a lullaby of restless nights, a lab-work friend, an inspiration, and my loyal study mate in the early mornings, late nights or any time of day. It was also what breaks the ice between me and my dearest on our first meeting... Ahaksss!! ;)
Ah yes... I was also very lucky to have been invited by my friends in Brisbane to join them for the Multicultural Festival. It was a while ago – 18th October. Thanks Aina for remembering me! It was last minute but I’m glad I’ve decided to go. Su was torn between her cosy room and the fest. She opts for the former but K. Maz was happy to come with us. Well, it was going to be the two of them if I decided not to go. As usual, it was a great day out! Of course there were great musical performances and guess what?! Yummy food!!! Hehehe... 
Irish music....

Great company!!!


Cheers! =)

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~the best of both worlds~

Why I chose to do my PhD in USC? Most people back home never heard of it. Most people in Oz don't really know about the Uni. And I can only say I'm here by the act of God. ;-) I guess I have my own reasons and one was that I was looking for research projects that I'm interested in and can be of benefit to the industry; locally and when I go home one day. I didn't want to be doing a research that is too focused and too fundamental. And I just have a feeling that I'll do great here with the help of my wonderful supervisor. Insha'Allah. :-)

It's not all a bed of roses, though. I suppose that's what you get when you're doing a research and to have people calling you 'Doctor' after you're done; there's gotta be more than just experiments and reports. You've gotta be creative, innovative, sweat a lot and cry bloody tears! Haha! Now that's over-exaggerating! I guess most people know its hard work. Nonetheless, it's very possible. I'll take it as a challenge. ;-)

Anyways, I'm starting to feel that USC is my now home. Well, nothing beats my home sweet home but.. you know what I mean..heh.. Em... I'm not yet as comfortable as I can be in UPM, but I'm getting there. It's a really small Uni but I learn new things about USC almost everyday. I attended USC Research Conference yesterday and it was really an eye-opener. This Uni has big potentials. It's starting to make its mark and is growing really fast. There's a lot to say about the Uni. But what better ways to get to know the Uni than browsing the website; University of the Sunshine Coast ;-)

On a lighter note, I spent a Sunday out with my lab friends. It was awesome! The weather was really nice, the food was good, the beach was beautiful, the dessert was heaven (ice-cream!!!hehe..) and most importantly the company was great. I really had fun. I was a little bit tired when I got home. Probably it was due to being under the sun for quite a long period of time. Well, I'm always indoors and rarely out in the sun. Huhuhu... We did also stopped by at an Asian grocery store at 157 Brisbane Road. I didn't buy anything coz I couldn't really make up my mind. I wanted almost everything they have in the store! Heh...

At the end of the day, I think, it's all about being happy and counting our blessings. And for me, it's also about satisfaction. I thanked God for everything, always and to everyone who's kind enough to be a part of my life.

Kudos to us! Heh... ;-)

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BRinG iT On!

How do you get a perfect waistline and a slim body?
Is there an easy way???
Oh how I envy girls who is skinny and can eat whatever they want without ever having to get worried which part of the body the food would end up!
However, I don't intend to be all skin and bones.

I'm just trying to keep in shape and hopefully lead a healthy lifestyle.
 What I'm doing is not something fancy or properly designed or anything.
Just eating lots of fruits and vegies, slowing down on the carbs and drinking lots of water. There's of course the exercise regime. Haha! Not!
It's just basically brisk-walking/jog/running early in the morning, hopefully everyday.
I feel so motivated right now not just because of the wedding, but knowing that I have a friend that is doing the walks with me.
I'm so lucky! =)
She's really motivated and a lot of fun too.
I just hope I could keep up with her. Seriously! Huhuhu...
There's not much I wanted to say.
Bring it on, Nikki! Heh.. ;)