Saturday, April 10, 2010 | By: Wa@Wawek@Siti ;)

Separation Anxiety???

Shouldn’t I be sleeping?
Instead I can’t stop weeping…
Shouldn’t I be happy?
I'm doing my own thingy…
Am I stressed out?
Working my brains day in, day out?
How did I get so emotional?
Is it the time of the month that nothing is normal?
Oh why is it so hard?
Couldn’t it be as easy as playing cards?
Is it supposed to be easy?
I do have to take it easy…
How is it that I could be so strong before but not now?
I feel like I’m going to drown…
Drown in a pool of tears…?
Is it true distance makes the heart grow fonder?
I wish it’s true.
God is Great.
I can do this.
He knows I can…
Thursday, April 1, 2010 | By: Wa@Wawek@Siti ;)


I love the colour white.

I love white-colour shoes and would have no problem at all wearing them eventhough it can be a hassle trying to keep them clean. And me being a clean freak (sometimes that is..heh..) is not helping coz I do get frustrated. Although I'm much better now in leaving things as it is i.e. getting my white shoes dirty coz they're just shoes. Wash them when they get too dirty... or not! Hah!

My beloved white shoes... Huhuhu...
They still look white, right??? Heh...
White shoes is fine but not white t-shirts, white shirts or blouses and definitely not white pants or jeans. I just feel I look fat wearing them! Yeah's all in the mind and if you think you are then you are... I'm not saying I don't wear them at all but I'll try to avoid them. Huhuhu...

Hhhrrrmmm.. I just remembered. I did wear a silver-whitish dress for my wedding ceremony. AND... I wore a white gown for the the outdoor photo shoot. I didn't look that fat, did I??!! Hahaha!

Below's the traditional wedding dress for the nikah. The silver-whitish one... Oh yeah, that necklace that can also be used as brooches is courtesy of RH Heritage Accessories. It's soooo pretty and elegant! It's my dear cousin's... Thank you so much for everything Kak Di!!!
Me trying to walk to my hubby... I couldn't feel my legs!!! Kebas sehhh...huhuhu....

And here's one of the picture of me wearing the white gown...
I just love the bolero/jacket thingy. Made by my mum's tailor. She's so talented! Years of experience I guess.

Talking about the wedding, have I ever mentioned I wanted a white wedding? Didn't work out though. Huhuhu... I did however made my 5-tier-white-cuppies-wedding cake wish came true... And it's very inexpensive. ;) Yippeeee!
How cool is that??!!! Thanks Shida for baking the white cake & white cuppies. Anyone interested is welcome to contact her at sweet delicacies. Err..okay, now I feel it's becoming a tiny bit like a business promotion blog entry. Oh well, they're worth it! ;)

More about white stuff, I'm also a fan of white furniture, white kitchen utensils, white electrical appliances, white electronic devices, etc... I'd probably pass on white sheets and pillow cases though. Not fond of washing them, maybe? Huhuhu...

Last but not least, have a look at this photo...
Awesome white tents and look at the clouds... Breathless, aight??! Never knew tents could make a photo looked nice. I supposed it also depends on the person taking the photo, huh? ;) Kudos to my bro-in-law, Mike. Nice one!

It's going to be a long weekend starting tomorrow. What are my plans? Not really sure. I do know it's going to be quiet here in Sippy Downs... Unicentral to be exact. Or not? I've just realized there are some families occupying some of the units here. Probably the respective owners of the place. Anyways, I'm fine with anything. Gotten used to the place already. Quiet or not. ;)

Happy Easter!!!