Saturday, December 24, 2011 | By: Wa@Wawek@Siti ;)

Xmas Pressie!

Thank You Aunty Denni! ;)
Aariz's just love it! Yummy?!!! Huhuhu...

Oh and Aariz got a letter from Santa! Woohoo!
All the way from the North Pole! ;-)
Aariz's such a good boy! ;-)
Merry Xmas & Happy New Year everyone!

Friday, December 23, 2011 | By: Wa@Wawek@Siti ;)

Mumbo Bumbo

Thank you Abah (Daddy)!
Last week, Mr.Hubby bought a baby seat for Aariz.
Woohoo! :-)
It’s the world’s 1st and only. BumboTM; A baby seat that REALLY works! As said on the box. :-) 
I’ve been planning to get this for Aariz since he was about 4 months. I have been Google-ing it and checking it out on Gumtree, etc for good deals. I thought it could be an extra hand for me. Especially whenever Aariz decides he needs to have me in front of him at all time. The rocker/seater thingy is kinda helpful but Aariz needs to be strapped on or he would fall over. Such a wiggly boy! (Takleh dok diam! Huhuhu..) And he is usually not too keen on the strap thus would only seat on it for a lil bit. I felt that the BumboTM seat would be better but everytime I mentioned it to Mr.Hubby, he would just ignore me. Huhuhu… Until last week when were browsing in a baby store and saw the BumboTM seat, Mr.Hubby looked interested. After Aariz had a try on the seat, it was a done deal. We did not get the tray as we thought we don’t really need it. Well, maybe later. ;-) Aariz loves it and it is definitely a big help for me and Mr.Hubby. I do try to not seat him in it for too long. So now Aariz can play and roll around on his playmat, sits in his BumboTM seat to watch me eat, cook or hang the wash and stuff, or sit on his rocker and watch his mobile or fishes. So much to keep him occupied. Yeay! Haha! Oh yeah, we bought fishes for Aariz. Friends of ours was kind enough to give us a small bowl/aquarium thingy complete with pebbles, oxygen pump and tubes after watching how excited Aariz was watching their fishes in their huge aquarium at their house last few weeks. Thank you!!! We just had to buy some fishes, fish food and water neutraliser to get rid of the chlorine. I think. Heh…

Oh and a day after Aariz got his BumboTM seat, he got his 6-months-shots. Huhuhu… He cried as the needle went in but he was fine right after. He seemed a bit tired the next morning but was his usual self later in the afternoon. Thank goodness he was not down with a fever or kicked up a fuss as the midwife said some babies would. Alhamdulillah. Aariz’s such a good boy! Hehehe… Aariz also had a check up. He’s all healthy and weighed in at 8.17kg and 71cm long. As for his eczema, we kinda stopped using any soap during his bath. Just water. And we don’t use any cream or baby powder except for the cream our GP prescribed if his eczema flares up. And the basic emollient to moisturise his skin when it’s dry. He still scratches himself though, as well as anything else he feels like scratching! Huhuhu… Oh well, as long as he’s happy. Hee…

Stranger lady: “How old is bubba?”
Me: “He’s 6 months.” (Can’t believe how fast time flies!) :-)


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First flight, First fall...

Last week, Sunday (December 4th), Aariz went on his first flight. Woohoo! It was a very early start to the day. We stayed at a friend’s place in Brisbane the night before. The flight was scheduled for departure at 5.30 am, so we had to be at the airport by 4.30 am. It took about 20-30 minutes to get to the airport from our friend’s so we were all up by 3 am; including Aariz. We tried to be as quiet as we can to keep him asleep but I guess he just didn’t want to miss out. He was smiling and such a good boy upon waking up. But he did fall back to sleep once we got in the car. Huhuhu... So, after Subuh prayers, we were on our way. Salman and Intan dropped us at the airport and help us look after the car. They’ll also be picking us up when we come back the next day. Yeah, it was a pretty short trip. Oh yeah, we were actually going to Canberra. We have to personally hand in our application to register Aariz’s birth and for his Malaysian passport to the High Commission of Malaysia. No, we can’t have it mailed. Ridiculous eh?! Well, that’ll be another story altogether. Heh... 
Anyways, we did not have any checked-in baggage but we did bring along Aariz’s stroller. So, after checking-in using one of the Virgin Australia’s self-check-in machines, we went to the baggage drop-off counter. We were so clueless! Jakun sebenarnye kot... Haha! Mr.Hubby was all ready to check-in the stroller when we were told that we don’t necessarily have to do it then. It turns out we could pass the stroller to the ground crew at the boarding gate as soon as it opens if we wanted to. It’s certainly more convenient so we just got the tag for the stroller and we’re on our way. Brisbane’s domestic terminal was surprisingly quite busy. Not crazy busy as when we got back from Canberra the next evening but I didn’t think anyone else was as crazy as us to get a 5 o’clock in the morning flight. Great minds think alike I guess – cheaper flight tickets save money. Hahaha! We decided to go through security and wait around the boarding hall. We were all over security! Should the stroller be folded and put through the scanner or just wheel it through? Take out the toys on the stroller and put in the tray or just leave them? Carry the baby through or put him in the tray through the scanner?! Hahaha! The last one was made up but yeah it was a bit of a scene. It was as if the security officers have never dealt with passengers with a baby that have their strollers with them. Oh, I was also tested for drugs! Huhuhu... Anyway, all was good. We went to get a bottle of juice, a packet of sandwich and a bottle of water (that costs us a crazy $17! I’ve forgotten how expensive airports can be!). We were thinking of having a bite before boarding, but turns out it was time to board. A crew actually came to us and asked if we could pass the stroller to her (which is nice!) and then we actually got to board the flight straightaway. First ones on board! Woohoo! Haha! I was a bit nervous as I did not read or search the internet to find out how it would be or what to do when on flights with a baby. I just asked my sister, Yan. She told me the crew will have an infant seatbelt for Aariz if it’s a short flight and we could request for a bassinet if it’s a long one. And to have Aariz sucking on something for take-offs and landings meaning me feed Aariz. Huhuhu... True enough, a crew came to me and hand me the infant seatbelt. I’ve never used it before so she showed me how it works. Pretty easy, Aariz’s seatbelt was the same as ours but he’s could be slide onto mine, so it’s like we’re connected, inseparable. Heh... Aariz played a bit and we took photos before taking off. The take-off, was a breeze and Aariz slept all the way through. So did the parents! Huhu... Aariz didn’t wake up until we were truly in the arrival hall in Canberra airport. By the way, what’s with the airport? We were impressed at first because they have a prayer room but then we realized there was no information centre/counter what-so-ever. There was just a Qantas counter and car-hire counters at the arrivals and check-in counters at the departures a level up. That’s it. Huhuhu... But Canberra city was very interesting. Just wish we could stay longer. Hopefully get to tell about our 2 days there later. Anyway, the flight back to Brisbane was busier but Aariz was fine. Slept through the flight and was happy as he can be. He didn’t know though how scary the landing was. It wasn’t smooth at all. I was freaking out! The plane was shaking frantically and it seems like it was out of control. But Alhamdulillah everything was fine. We arrived in Brisbane at 6.30 pm and were at Salman and Intan’s by 8 pm. Crazy traffic! Huhuhu... I didn’t really know what to expect when I thought of flying with Aariz for the first time but now that we’ve done it, I could say it was a good experience for us all. 
Are we there, yet?
Wonder what's in front of me...
Heading home people!
Too much back-light?! Huhuhu...
Tak nak duduk diam!

Ready for take-off! Hehehe...
Aariz’s first flight was something we knew would happened weeks before when we booked the tickets and all but the next thing that happened, I did not see this coming at all. Aariz had his first fall Saturday night (really hope it’s the last too!). He fell off the bed! Luckily our room has built in carpets, quite thick comfy ones. Huhuhu... Nonetheless, the moment seeing him face-down on the carpet after the fall was a sight I would remember forever. I don’t think I could forget! Never leave a baby that has learned to roll over on the bed by himself. Lesson learned; unfortunately the hard way for me! I’ve just bathed Aariz and he was all wrapped in his towel. I was about to dress him when I realized I did not have his clothes. So, I went to grab it. I was sure that I left him in the middle of the bed but as I turned around having his PJs in my hand, I heard Aariz cried and saw him on the floor. Mr.Hubby was frying out some squids when this happened but he came running towards Aariz just as I did. Both of us were frantically checking Aariz for any scratch or bruise or anything and trying to figure out if he’s in pain anywhere on his body. After a cuddle and my boobies, Aariz was all calm and gave us a smile. He then played a bit like his usual self and went to sleep not long after. I was still a bit shaky later that night and even thinking about it as I write this, I feel so bad and wished I was more careful. Mr.Hubby and I sometimes asked ourselves and tried to imagine how Aariz managed to roll over in a blink of an eye and fell. We also wished it didn’t happen but I guess there’s nothing we can do about it now. Thank God Aariz’s fine and we’ll definitely be more careful and always have Aariz supervised. InsyaAllah. 
A week it was. 

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Kring kringgg

Check out my new phone, everyone!! ;-)

Yes, we finally did bought a toy mobile phone for Aariz. Well, Mr.Hubby did. It was on sale at Woolies.  It says "Hello!" when you flip it open and "Goodbye!" when you close it. It has a mouse, cat or dog display and buttons that play sounds or short tunes. OKlah... Aariz did push the buttons and he keep flipping the phone open and close at one time. Unintentionally?! Huhuhu... Well, the toy is supposedly for 6 months+ babies but Aariz will turn 6 months in 2 weeks. Should be fine, right? Oh yeah, we got him a teething thingy too.

New toy! Let us see what we can do with it...

The blue flower/ring thingy - teething thingy...

As with everything else, I'll need to have a taste! ;-)

PS: Call me at 22749-32-2883! Hehehe...