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as life goes on...

This time last year, I was at home in Malaysia. I took about 10 weeks off Uni to prepare for my wedding, get married and have a short honeymoon. I was then probably busy getting all the documents with the marriage registrar ready as well as all the other details of the marriage ceremony itself.

A year later, that is today, I am experiencing one of the many effects of the flood crisis. I am now stranded at the Plaza; waiting for the bus to Uni. I missed the bus before by a few seconds and now have to wait for another 2 hours for the next bus. Of course if I'd knew earlier, I would have run after the bus before. Huhuhu... The Sunbus buses are experiencing fuel shortage due to the South East Queensland flood crisis. Their fuel truck did not come last Monday to supply their weekly fuel thus the action of limiting bus services. So, instead of 3 different buses that goes to Uni, there's only one and it runs every 2 hours. I have one more hour to go. *sigh* Oh well, at least it's sunny.

The river across my house here did spilled over the roads last Wednesday but it did not flood the house. Although Linda insisted that I come with her to her daughter's house on higher grounds just in case. We stayed there for a night. It was scary watching how when river banks burst and water consumed anything on its way on the TV and some of the houses belong to people I know. It's also a bit depressing.

Personally, as for now, I have to plan my days ahead with considerations that things would not be as normal as it always is for sometime. I definitely have to brace myself of any possibilities and changes in my daily activities. Having said that, 75% of Queensland is in some level of flooding and state of emergency. What's all these things I'm going through at the moment compared to the lives of the people in that 75% of Qld?

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Mother Nature

"How the hell are you going to Uni??"

That was the question right after I told Linda where I was heading to this morning. Linda and Helen (Linda's sister) were busy packing up sand bags. I wanted to help earlier but Linda won't let me. So, I decided to go to Uni for a bit, check up on my bacterial cultures, check my Uni e-mail and get some experiments up and going. That was the plan. But just as I was getting off the bus, I heard on the bus driver's radio that Bradman Avenue is closed. Huh?!! That's where I live! But then again Bradman Ave is quite a long road. Hope all is still fine up to where I live. Linda  did mentioned of flood warning as the Maroochy river is rising as we speak. And high tide could possible make that happen later tonight. We had quite a bit of storm last night and the rain didn't really stop since yesterday morning. Goshh!! That is a lot of rain! And it is happening all over the Sunshine Coast.

Okay. I think I better get ready to go home now.

Who could deny the power of mother nature, eh? God is Great! SubhanAllah. Hope all will be safe.


Saturday, January 1, 2011 | By: Wa@Wawek@Siti ;)

what should i do

One can't help thinking too much when one's alone.

I have to admit that one of the few main reasons why I wanted to further my studies overseas was; I wanted to run away. Run away from the heartbreak of the relationship and engagement that didn't work out. Run away from all the mistakes I've done and do something that I've been wanting to do for so long, for myself. I never expected the broken heart could heal and love again though. It did when I met a guy 6 months before my flight to Oz, and we were married about a year and a half later. I went back to Oz after the wedding and continued on with my studies, leaving Mr. Hubby back home. We've planned for him to come and stay with me in Oz within the next few months. Three months, 6 months, 9 months; we're still miles apart.

Money. Responsibilities. Money.

After almost a year, things seemed to get better. When we got pregnant, it was truly a turning point. I can't say I wasn't thrilled nor excited but I was a little bit concerned in being pregnant whilst studying and all by myself. I'm a bit behind with my research studies and had heaps to deal with as it is. But Mr. Hubby was ecstatic and is more determined to join me in Oz. We were happy. It was set; early February 2011. Everything planned seems to come together. Until, a mistake from the past creeps in. I can't really blame Mr. Hubby. I love him and his problem is now mine as well.

Money. Study loan. Money. Blacklisted. Money. Can't leave the country, Malaysia. Money.

For some people, it's not much. But for many it's a big sum. It is a lot for us. Mr. Hubby has been trying to find ways to find the money to settle the debt for the past 3 weeks but to no avail. He was close to giving up yesterday. He was as if has lost all hope. I was shattered. But Mr. Hubby seemed all positive and hopeful this morning. It made me feel better. Much better.

Money. Hope. Money.

Although I keep telling myself I'm strong, we're strong, we'll be together soon. I can immediately feel like the world is crumbling down on us. Help!!! There were nights that I feel like going to sleep and don't want to wake up ever. And yet, every morning, God still allows me to open my eyes and breathe. I managed to get myself out of bed, take charge of my life and live.

So, what should I really do?

Lots of prayers. Have faith. Positive thinking. Hope for the best. Be happy. Keep on going.

Sometimes, it's easier said than done. For me at the moment, at least. I do need to think of the lil un inside me more, though. It's not just about myself anymore, eh??!!!

Money. Disaster. Money. Mother nature.

I also do need to remember that there are worst situations going on in other people's lives. All around the world and much closer to where I am, some people lost everything. Some of them are alone, by themselves trying to get back on their feet after the devasting event that hits them; major flooding. My heart goes to them in Bundy, Emerald, Rocky and all the affected areas. The news reported overwhelming donations of clothes, sheets, etc. They are very much appreciated but money donation is more encouraged.


I need to remember to be grateful, always. Syukur



"God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but He did promise strenght for the day, comfort for the tears and light for the way..."

Happy New Year 2011, peeps!