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rolling over

It was November 6th when Aariz first rolled over onto his tummy. Then he didn't do it again till about over a week later. Can't believe I forgot when the actual day was but that day was Aariz's rolling over day! Mr.Hubby and I were so excited! We were cheering him on each time he rolled over but then of course we had to help him roll over onto his back again. Yeah, still not able to do it. Well, he did a few times roll over from his tummy onto his back by himself a few times, but he also managed to bump his head a little then. Huhuhu..

Apart from rolling over, he's been reaching for everything and putting anything he can grab into his mouth for a while now. Even his toes! Also, what is it with mobile phones and remote controls, eh?!!! Been thinking of buying one of each for Aariz. The toy that is but at the moment, it's like at the bottom of the list. We might end up not getting either one. Huhuhu...

He still can't sit by himself. I just read that it'll probably happen when his about 6-7 months. Aariz is sitting with support. There are times when he would not want to lie down but sit upright instead. Lucky we have this rocker/sitter thingy. Aariz would usually sit there for a fair bit and play on his own. :-)

I think Aariz's developments are generally spot on. He'll turn 6 months on December 16th. Hope he continues to grow strong and healthy. And be a happy baby! :-) InsyaAllah.

Check me out! ;-)

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Bad Mama!

Bled Aariz's finger.
I did this when he was 2 weeks old. Well, it was definitely unintentional. It was my second attempt in clipping his fingernails and halfway through, I cut his finger instead. PANIC!!! The blood just kept flowing and so did my tears! Huhuhu... Mr. Hubby tried his hardest to calm me done but to no avail. I finally went knocking on our neighbour's door, Noeline and after a big hug and "oh, bubba's gonna be fine!" from her, I stopped crying and so did the blood. I guess it's just something to do with having an experienced mum comforting you and my hormones were definitely everywhere then. It took me a while to have the courage to trim Aariz's fingernails again. Nowadays, I'm always extra careful eventhough I've done it lots of time. Something good did came out of the incident, eh?!

Let Aariz fall asleep on me breasts.
Eat. Play. Sleep.
That's how it should be done. We went pretty well for the first 3 months, but as Aariz grew bigger I started to slack. Okay, I was probably too tired or too lazy. Not good, eh?! Can't help it though!  It is a big no-no here to let the baby fall asleep on your breasts. They say it'll be hard for the mother on the long run. So how?!!

Aariz sleeps with us on the bed.
And because of the above, sometimes Aariz ends up in bed with Mr.Hubby and I. Co-sleeping. I know, Aariz should be in his own cot. But again, it's just so much easier to put him back to sleep by giving him some "love" and I can get to sleep right away too. Huhuhu...

Aariz has no routine
I kinda know when he wakes up in the morning, when he'll have a very dirty nappy, when he'll want to have his morning nap and when he's hungry. But other than that, I usually just go with the flow. Or he'll go with my flow if I bring him to Uni with me. Huhuhu... Oh yeah, he'll usually goes to sleep around 7-8pm. Usually on my breasts. Hhmmm...

Fail to cut dairy off my diet.
We thought one of the reason for Aariz's eczema is he's dairy intolerance. Honestly, I didn't stop consuming dairy based food entirely. I only managed not to eat cheese and milk. I still can't resist a piece or two cadbury chocolate, milo with a teaspoon of condensed milk or ice cream once in a while! *sigh* Mr.Hubby reckons the eczema is just something that will pass as Aariz grew, and has nothing to do with what I eat. I really hope so. For now, Aariz's eczema is under control but it's still there. The red patches of rash on his arms and thighs, and tiny red dots on his cheeks and chest; sometimes they get really red while you can't really notice them other times. But I just can't help feeling bad for Aariz as I look at other babies that have clear, no rash what-so-ever skin though. :-(
Itchy Scratchy
I guess the eczema could be itchy, but we really hope it's not too bad and scratching is just a really bad habit of Aariz's and that it will soon pass. Aariz keep scratching himself vigorously sometimes. It used to be the scalp but nowadays it's the face and arms. Usually when he's asleep. We feel like people would think we're abusing him when they see Aariz's scars! I've been trimming his fingernails and smoothing any rough edges evert other day. What more can I do?
Woke up one morning and saw this. *sigh*
I hope I'm doing a good job anyways. Some say do what suits you and bubba the best. Well, I sure do hope for the best!
A rare recent photo of decent me and my lil boy. ;-)

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White Policy


Now I know why there's so many Europeans living in Australia; they've been here for more than 50 years! Quoted from SBS's website of the second episode of this documentary; "The Second World War had far reaching effects on the history of the ‘Immigration Nation’. With no Asian migrants allowed and the pool of available Britons decreasing, Australia faced a crisis. Not only were there fears that Australia couldn’t defend itself, experts also believed the country would not grow economically without more people. So the nation’s first ever Immigration Minister, Arthur Calwell, made a momentous decision to bring in non-British European immigrants for the first time." I missed the first episode last week. Planning to watch it online someday. I was intrigued to watch the documentary after coming across the trailer
on TV. Go on! Watch the trailer. You know you wanna. ;-)

It gave a great insight on things Mr. Hubby and I thought couldn't have happened. And towards the end of the second episode, we also learned that Julia Gillard, Australia's current Prime Minister was originally from Wales. She was 4 years old when she came to Australia with her family and they were processed by an immigration officer that was interviewed in the second episode of Immigration Nation.

I am learning all the time! ;-)

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A day too late!

Can't believe I missed the 11.11.11 day! Huhuhu... Well, we didn't feel like recharging our prepaid internet account hence no internet at home and I didn't make it to Uni yesterday. So, there goes an entry for 11.11.11. Haha! Anyways, hope everyone had a good day and I heard my cousin's wedding went well. Alhamdulillah.

This will be a quick entry. Just finish some work in the lab after some shopping at BigW and heading home soon. 
Whatcha looking at?! ;-)

PS: Aariz is now 7.4kg and 6.6cm! Woohoo! :-)