Friday, August 28, 2009 | By: Wa@Wawek@Siti ;)

ThE DAy YOu wEre BoRN...

"When's your birthday?" A question you might be asked by another person especially in the earlier moments of getting to know each other. You know, when you want to have a conversation but have no idea what to talk about...? Anyways, most people love birthdays. Some say they hate it. While others just don't make a big deal about it. As I grew older, I've become the later. Don't really feel that my birthday is a really big deal. However, I believe that no matter how you hate your own birthday, or you say you don't really care, you would eventually get a tiny bit of unexplainable tingling happy feeling inside of you when someone wishes you happy birthday. Betul tak??!!! (Am I right??!!) Hehe...

My birthday was yesterday. 27th August. How old am I now? Not so young, but not too old. OK-lah... Haha! It was a normal working day for me. I was greeted by my roomie, Denni, wishing me happy birthday and there were also homemade happy birthday banners all over the living room wall; they come in three colours. :) Thanks Denni! You're the best!

I went to the lab early and got everything planned, done. Eventhough some of my DNA extractions didn't work, I decided to let it go and repeat it the next day. Not wanting to ruin my happy birthday mood. Heh... ;) By 3pm, I was in my room. I went online and was so overwhelmed with all the wishes I've got on Facebook, Friendster, online messages and e-mails. Not to mention the text messages and phone calls. THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!

There was not a big birthday party or anything like that last night. It was a simple dinner with very few friends. My roomies, Nic, Sarah & Jo. We had PIZZA!!! And they made me brownies. YUM!!! :)

We ate, talked, took pictures, made fun of each other, laughed so hard, discussed about birth control pills..erkkk??? Hahaha!! I had lots of fun. I hope it was as fun for everyone as it was for me. I even got a big present!!!! And I love it so very much! Thanks guys! I couldn't have asked for more. I didn't really feel sad or homesick and I know it's because I have all of you with me. Thanks for making my birthday a 'deal' for you. ;)

Today was surprisingly as exciting as yesterday. Post-birthday jitters maybe? Haha! My morning was as usual spent in the lab and I was in my room by 2pm. Nubia and her sister, Ana, gave me a Forever Friends teddy. It was so cute! It's been a while since I had a teddy as a present. Thanks you guys!! Really appreciate it!

As I was lying on my bed for an afternoon nap (It was my first attempt in a very long time cause I was sooo tired & sleepy!!), my roommie, Sarah knocked on my door and passed me a a parcel from Unicentral's office. It was a gift from Mike, Yan & Ayisha. It was super cool and it made me cry!!! Huhuhu.. I received a birthday card from them as well earlier; with pictures of me & Ayisha. It almost made me cry but I didn't. But the gift was too much!! Hahaha! Here's a picture of my birthday presents' shrine. Hehehe...

It's not much but I'm not complaining. A super comfy curved pillow with ruffled pillowcase that I've wanted ever since I saw Denni's (Haha!), a cute Forever Friends teddy bear and a customized picture book specially made for me as well as a card from Mike, Yan & Ayisha. I love them all so much!!!

A friend's birthday wish to me;
"Here's wishing you turn not only a year older, but a fraction wiser and much much happier. May God bless you and bestow onto yourself longevity as well as enlightened spirits. Many many happy returns ek."

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 | By: Wa@Wawek@Siti ;)

"RuN ForeST, RUn!" "KeJAr YoB, KEjaR"!

How many times did I run after a bus? Lost count of it. Today; 2 times... Well, I didn't really run like mad to catch the bus, but yeah, I walked really fast but didn't get on it. :( As I was waiting for the next bus, I've realized that there were several times that I ran like mad and actually got on the bus. Yeay!!! Haha.. I'm usually not alone though. Doing relays with friends; best time ever! Imagine the laughs we had. There is also, running to catch the train. Just recently we had to run up a flight of stairs to get to the train platform. Lucky we haven't start fasting. Hahaha... Wouldn't you rather run and try to catch the coming train than to wait another hour? Well, I would. Try living in the coast without a car and can only rely on public transportation. You'll know what I mean. Huhuhu...

When I first came here, I felt really weird. It took me a while to actually ride on the bus to go the plaza. The first couple of weeks, I was walking to the nearest shopping centre (which is about 20 minutes walk) to buy food and everything I need, and that's it. How sad was that??!!! I'm not really sure what I was feeling but I think it's because it's been quite a while since I've taken the public transport to find my way around especially public buses. I've always travel in express buses from one state to another back in Malaysia, but not around the city. Why? Because I've always have my car (or somebody else driving me. Heh...). Yeah, I drive myself everywhere. Eventhough I get kinda sick of driving, but that's my mode of transportation. It's the most convenient way for me to get out and about.

I couldn't really remember when exactly, but once I set foot on the Sunshine Coast Sunbus, we were inseparable. Hehehe... Nowadays, I'd have no problem going out by bus as well as trains whenever I have the time. I would go shopping at the Sunshine Plaza or Kawana Shopping World, go to the beach or visit my friends in Brissie. Whatever it is, I'll always know the bus and train drivers will always be there for me. ;) However, to put my mind at ease, I would usually plan my trips at the Translink website. They have a journey planner; just type in your destination and they'll have everything ready for you. They’ll give you the time, directions, which bus to take, which route, etc. It's really easy. Check it out! :)

All the talk on buses and trains remind me of a song...

"....So I walked under a bus
I got hit by a train
Keep falling in love
Which is kinda the same
I've sunk out at sea
Crashed my car, gone insane
And it felt so good
I want to do it again...."

I want to do it again... Ride the bus that is. Heh... ;)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009 | By: Wa@Wawek@Siti ;)

What's it all about?

It was two years ago since I first started to blog. I've created my blog in my Friendster's profile. It was not as popular as blogspot but it was easier for me then, because I'll be logging in my friendster account every other day. And to have people read my writings; Aiyooo!!! So shy-lah... Haha! Nowadays, I don't really think of it as much. Besides, at the moment, being far from home and all alone, I just feel like sharing my thoughts, feelings and everything that's going on in my life with everyone, especially my family & friends .

Because I'm creating a new blog in blogspot, I'm required to have the name of my blog, etc... I was thinking of taking the easy way out; use everything from my Friendster's blog. Hhrrmmm... Nah! I'll have new ideas for it. After a good night's sleep, alas....


Haha... Seriously, I just love the sound of it. Was even thinking of spelling the coffee as kawwfee; some of my friends would have a laugh about it. But then again, I'll just stick to the correct english spelling. For now... ;) There are so many interpretations of the phrase when you really put your mind into it. However, I won't blog about it now. Maybe later on. Although, anyone that has any ideas are welcome to share. Please, leave a comment... :)

I do want to share something that I've found while creating this particular entry.

Title: Milk in My Coffee

Author: Eric Jerome Dickey

Publisher: Penguin

Date Published: September 1998

Yes people, it's a book. More information at

I've read the review of the book and it seems interesting. I might go around and try to find the book when I'll have the time.

If anyone is wondering about my previous blog, feel free to drop by at

Till my next post.