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Tired. Really tired.

The mind. The body. But it doesn’t mean I’m not happy. Contented. I look at my kids; they’re okay. We’re okay. I’m okay. Yes. Priorities do change. Especially when you have kids. I only wish I don’t lose myself. I can feel that I’m slipping away from my own self sometimes. I need a full body massage ASAP! ;)

Cluttered mind

So many things in my mind. I’ve forgotten how to compartmentalize. Especially late at nights. Or when I woke up in the middle of the night. Maybe it’s a sign. More amal & ibadah to Allah?! O Allah, Please forgive me!

Broken heart

It has a hole. It bleeds. Sometimes. But it’s getting more frequent nowadays. I just have to let go. But it is REALLY hard. Please help me, Allah.


Miss her. Still. Al-Fatihah.

Kempas Hotel.

Our current home. It has been 3 years and 5 months since we came home to Malaysia for good. From Oz to Malaysia. There’s not a day goes by that I don’t miss Oz. Well, maybe when I’ve got a tonne of things to do and practically passed out in bed at night; I’d probably didn’t even think of Oz. Heh. I didn’t think I’d leave Oz, to be honest. But Allah has other plans. It seems coming home to Malaysia was the best thing for us. Eventhough it was not what I wanted. Huhu.


We’re home. We’re closer to family. Tapi tu la kan. Bila jauh bau wangi. Bile dah dekat bau taik. Excuse my language. Well, we’re sure as hell can’t choose our family. But we can definitely choose who we want to spend our time with. Fullstop.

I’m actually feeling.. Huh?! Don’t know what exactly I’m feeling. Having my two sisters undergo stem cell transplant procedure in the morning just… makes me feel all scared and anxious. Sayu pun ade, berdebar2… Hopeless too. But I’ve realized that I can’t do anything except PRAY. With all my heart. And I ask of everyone reading (kalau ada lah kan…huhu..) , to please say a prayer for my sisters. May Allah ease everything and bless them dunya and akhirah. And may Allah bless YOU, dunya akhirah for saying a pray for them.
Aariz and Eisa sans 2015
About 6 months aftrer we came home.
 Rabbi yassir wala tu'assir
 Rabbi tammim bil khair
 O Allah, make it easy and do not make if difficult. O Allah, make it end well.
Ameen YRA

Hoping to write more. Just to keep the mind sane. Perhaps.
Sunday, April 14, 2013 | By: Wa@Wawek@Siti ;)

I'm ALIVE!!!

I'm not making excuses for not blogging for almost 6 months but... Yeah, I am! Hehehe...
Honestly, it's not that bad but I'd just rather do something else like finishing my THESIS! or SLEEP! when I do have the time than writing my blog. If only I could just say the words or tell the stories and it'll blog itself. Huhuhu...
As in everyone else's lives I'm sure, a lot has been going on in ours too. Although, there's nothing out of this world or anything like that that happened, it's just everyday life and Aariz! ;-)
Since my last blog entry;
- We had Xmas holidays and New Year's in the Coast.
- My sister Yan came to visit 2nd week of January, so I finally met dear Eli!
Boys hanging out! ;)
Turns out only the mommies want to take photos! Huhuhu...

No more Eli and Che Yan... :(

- We shaved Aariz's hair. He was called a girl by strangers more than 3 times! Huhuhu..
Aariz before haircut.
Aariz halfway through haircut. Yeah, we didn't shave it off all at once. Huhuhu...
All gone!
- Went to Brisbane for a few times and had friends from Brisbane came to visit. :-)
- Aariz has yet to talk. He only says Nak (I want) and uses it for everything. We think he does  understand what we're saying and what we do. Like he'll put his cup/plates in the sink, throw rubbish in the bin, etc. And oh he imitates us. A lot! So, we're trying to be very careful not to say and do inappropriate things. Huhuhu... Oh, and Aariz's not putting on that much weight. I'm kinda worried but only when people kept commenting on that fact. Else, I think he's healthy and he'll tell me in his own kinda way when he's hungry which I can ususally tell. I know he's  getting taller though. Hhhmmm...
- Linda (our landlady) had a major surgery. So, we kinda helped her around the house for a bit.
- I bought a coffee/cappucino maker equipped with a frother for $20! It's tiny and used but I can make my own cafe styled coffee! Woohooo!!! 
No more spending $$$ on coffee!! Hehehe...
 - Finally had Aariz sent to a babysitter while I help with my supervisor with teaching. All's good! Phew! ;-)
- Mr.Hubby said Goodbye to his hair after almost 2 years!!! Huhuhu..
- We just applied for an extension of our current visa. So, we are on bridging visa which means we can't leave Oz until it is approved. Or we can, but risked having problems for when we want to re-enter Oz.
See, nothing major. I cannot believe though how time flies although some moments do tend to go on forever. Huhuhu...
Hah! I am so over my studies but it won't finish by itself!
I am at the moment feeling guilty for the times not spent with Mr.Hubby and Aariz. Like today; It's Sunday, very nice weather (after a week of non-stop rain!), could have gone to the beach, etc. But no. I am in Uni and I have no idea want they're doing. *sigh*
I know Mr.Hubby's kinda homesick and can't wait to go home but I really wish he's really happy deep down inside. And I truly hope whatever Aariz remembers from these past few years of my crazy life are only great happy memories. Huhuhu...
Well, before I start rambling unnecessarily, I'd better wrap this up and continue with school work! ;-)
Fishing along the river! ;-)
Wednesday, November 7, 2012 | By: Wa@Wawek@Siti ;)

Baby sister has a baby. Really???!!!

Whoa!!! Almost 5 months of not blogging?! Well, I tried. There must be almost a dozen of drafts that didn't quiet make it. Hopefully this one does! Ahakss!!! Better make this a quick one! ;-)

As for life goes these past couple of months; A LOT has happened! I supposed it's pretty much the same for everyone else, eh?! Huhuhu...

The highlight and probably what prompted me to get an entry in my blog is... My lil sister had her baby!!! Woohooo!!!! Still can't believe it. Seen photos, talked to my sister on the phone and all, but I really wish I could be there right this moment! *sigh* 
Anyways, CONGRATULATIONS Limah & Naeim!!! So so happy for you both! Alhamdulillah mum & bub (and dad too, i think! hee..) are doing fine. ;-)

GERAMNYEEE!!!! :-) Muhammad Rafiqi - October 30th, 2012.
My sister, Yan also gave birth to her second child; a baby boy. Baby Eli. It's kinda old news but I haven't met the lil guy yet. ;-( I hope to meet him soon though!
 Don't you just love newborn babies?!!!!
Lots of hugs & kisses!!!


* (Photo courtesy of Abg Din from Facebook. TQ!) ;-)