Wednesday, November 7, 2012 | By: Wa@Wawek@Siti ;)

Baby sister has a baby. Really???!!!

Whoa!!! Almost 5 months of not blogging?! Well, I tried. There must be almost a dozen of drafts that didn't quiet make it. Hopefully this one does! Ahakss!!! Better make this a quick one! ;-)

As for life goes these past couple of months; A LOT has happened! I supposed it's pretty much the same for everyone else, eh?! Huhuhu...

The highlight and probably what prompted me to get an entry in my blog is... My lil sister had her baby!!! Woohooo!!!! Still can't believe it. Seen photos, talked to my sister on the phone and all, but I really wish I could be there right this moment! *sigh* 
Anyways, CONGRATULATIONS Limah & Naeim!!! So so happy for you both! Alhamdulillah mum & bub (and dad too, i think! hee..) are doing fine. ;-)

GERAMNYEEE!!!! :-) Muhammad Rafiqi - October 30th, 2012.
My sister, Yan also gave birth to her second child; a baby boy. Baby Eli. It's kinda old news but I haven't met the lil guy yet. ;-( I hope to meet him soon though!
 Don't you just love newborn babies?!!!!
Lots of hugs & kisses!!!


* (Photo courtesy of Abg Din from Facebook. TQ!) ;-)