Sunday, June 27, 2010 | By: Wa@Wawek@Siti ;)

Choc Lava Cake & A Goodbye...

Taadaaaaa!!! =)
Errr.... I guess it doesn't look as mouth-watering as I would like it to look but Ashley said it tastes good and she liked it. Good enough for me! ;) Huhuhu... It was my first attempt making the choc lava cake. More an experiment for me. Heh.. Em, this particular cake in the photo was the product of the third trial. The first one erupted on me the minute I placed it on the plate and the second one was dormant (had no lava); it was simply a cake. Huhuhu... Ashley came home Friday night after having ice-cream with her friends, right on time for her to have my choc lava cake. A treat from me for the last time. Yes, she's finished her study abroad program here in Sunny Coast. She's now probably still in her 15-hours-flight home to the States.
Another goodbye for me. Or in a less-sad-way of saying it,
'it's not goodbye, it's see you later'.

See ya later, Ashley!

Friday, June 25, 2010 | By: Wa@Wawek@Siti ;)

...BUsY aS a bEE...

I need to stop and breathe.. 
Since coming back to the coast from my recent trip to NSW last week, Friday, I didn't really have time to really relax. Well, I don't think I will be relaxing anytime soon as there's so much going on and so many things to be done. Pronto! Therefore, I'm going to make blogging as one of the means for me to chill and get away from any real school/Uni oriented work. At least, by having an end product (that is an entry on my blog), I won't feel like I'm procrastinating that much. Heh.. I'm improving my writing skills, aren't I? ;)

Anyways, my experiment at PSFI? Sad story. :( Well, it's not that bad. I've learned a lot of new cool & interesting stuff especially on hatchery operation and did get new bacterial isolates, but... No Viruses. Zilch! :( There goes my main objective. I could observe some activity going on, like there could be some viruses floating around but they could be very few (low concentration) or they are being hindered of showing themselves to me (supressed? lysogenic state?). Huhuhu... Honest truth; I was truly frustrated. Cried my hearts out to Mr. Hubby and got a little bit teary when my beloved supervisor called me to know how I was doing. The wet & cold NSW weather and being all by myself the whole time made me more depressed. Was really missing Sunny Coast and can't wait to go back to Unicentral. Fuhhh!!! Such drama!!! ;) Although now, thinking back and looking at some pictures I took at the Institute, it was a great experience. I don't mind going there again. Next time however, I'm going to hire myself a car once I get to Newcastle. I could feel that it's such a nice place. Even the bunkhouse's backyard is just lovely...
Yup, that's directly behind the bunkhouse; where I stayed during my whole trip. I love it! It also has the view of the sunset.
Can you see the birds??? They were so pretty! Was super excited to have caught a glimpse of them.. =)

Hrrmmm.. I've just realized that more interesting photos are in my mobile phone and I don't have the cable to transfer them to my computer. Errr... Oh well, I'll do that later, someday.  Heh.. Oh yeah, I'm now at the Uni. more internet connection in my room. Huhuhu...

Well, looking forward to a weekend of lab experiments, report writing and packing!!! (Really???!!!Huhuhu...) Hope everyone's doing great!
Enjoy the weekend!
Saturday, June 12, 2010 | By: Wa@Wawek@Siti ;)

~ New South Wales ~

I was in Sydney for a few days last week to meet up with my sister, Yan and her family. They were in Sydney for three weeks and I'd thought I'd visit them before going for my research work in Port Stephens. I also had the chance to meet Ayisha's newborn cousin, Jack. I had a great time meeting up with everyone and now I'm kinda missing them all. Huhuhu... I've also realized how much I've missed having people look after me; make yummy-homecooked-meals for me, make sure I'm all warm at night, make me tea or coffee and just have company while watching the TV. I'm all by myself most of the time at the moment, I hope I will not go crazy! Hehehe.. Nah.. I'm being dramatic. I truly do though enjoyed my few days in the Shire! ;)

I'm now at the PSFI doing some research work. It's been great!!! Well, apart from having to be all by myself after office hours and the weekend, I'm having a blast learning so much about everything. I kinda wish I could stay longer to be able to do more, but maybe I can come back later on. I do still have until Friday to do as much as I can and I'm really hoping I'll get positive results. So far so good! InsyaAllah...

I'm not sure I could to some sight-seeing around here. I wish I could. Everyone who I've met and talked about Port Stephens with told me it's a really beautiful place. Lots of different bays and beaches. I've checked the web and I think I need to have a car to be able to go places here. Oh well, maybe next time. I could hire a car and do some touristy stuff then. Hehe...

Will hopefully have another entry wrapping up on my PSFI work trip and maybe then some pictures as well.