Monday, February 1, 2010 | By: Wa@Wawek@Siti ;)

Gila-gila Remaja vs. 52nd Grammy Awards

What’s this all about? It was just me, having a really hard time deciding what to watch on TV this morning. Haha! Take that for a dilemma! I ended up watching both at the same time; switching between channels from time to time or whenever either gets boring.  I also did my laundry and manage to fix breakfast for myself; instant Kacip Fatimah coffee and fried tembosa (puffs with minced meat as the inti). Yummy! Hehe...

It’s a Malaysian Malay movie. The English title translation; Crazy Teens. It was produced in 1985. I remember being in awe watching it and day-dreaming as the heroin in the movie when I was a kid (I don’t really remember the heroin in the movie. I guess coz I always thought of myself as her. Hehehe...). I think the movie did created a phenomenon of long hair on guys, tight jeans, leather jackets, 150cc-horse-powered-motorbikes, and the name Azroy a.k.a Roy in our country. Hehehe... Or at least it was a phenomenon burst around my circle of friends and family; as far as I could remember anyways. I supposed the movie was actually influenced by the Hollywood’s 80s rockers craze. I know that it was remembered amongst my school friends whenever we reminisce the good old days. The hero, Azroy played by Faizal Hussein is one of my earliest Malaysian artists’ crush. Ahhh... I was actually dreaming of having him or someone who looked like him and has his “coolness” as my boyfriend or even husband! Haha!

In short (my own interpretation of the movie), the movie’s a naughty but good boy (that is the hero) meets rich girl that has an arrogant dad, they fall in love, the naughty boy gotten misunderstood as the bad guy, the real bad guy (a member of a drug gang = Kumpulan Gagak Hitam) gets the rich girl but rich girl not happy coz the naughty boy ran away (rides around the country on his cool motorbike to seek solace after being broken-hearted and told not to see the rich girl. But after the bad guy got busted and the truth was out, the rich girl’s arrogant dad apologises to the poor boy and gave his blessings. The movie ends with the poor boy receiving awards as the best student of his college on stage, waving happily to everyone wearing black leather jacket and tight jeans. Sekian (The End). Heh...

A caption from the movie; “Suzi, janganlah bersedih lagi. Azroy kan ada di sini.” ;)

Don’t you feel like watching it, now?! Maybe not. Haha!

This year’s Grammys wasn’t that much different from previous years; for me anyway. I did enjoy the performances. I’m a sucker for live music performances, so it was all good. Although I kind of wanted Beyonce's album to win (eventhough she won 6 Grammys already), can’t say I’m surprised the Album of the Year award goes to Taylor Swift’s album, Fearless together with 4 other Grammys. Young, beautiful, talented and so far has a clean record of goodness; she might just deserve it. How rich is that chick, huh?!

~ Fourteen days till February 14th ~

I’m at my cousin’s place (GardeninHeaven). Yeah, no internet access at my house so, this is the place to be. Heh... I’ll be walking home in a bit. Chores await the bride-to-be; washing of cups for the wedding reception and plates if I’m up for it. Huhuhu...