Friday, May 27, 2011 | By: Wa@Wawek@Siti ;)

A good night's sleep? What does that mean?

Huhuhu... it's getting harder and harder to get a really good night's sleep for me nowadays. Mr. Hubby said some nights he did see me sleeping soundly and even snores at times (I snore?!!!!) but I don't really feel like it when I wake up. Although, I guess there are mornings that I do feel better than others; have more energy, feeling awake and not feeling tired and sleepy still. I didn't sleep till probably about 3 last night. Trying to drag myself up from bed at 7 this morning. Err.. Not going to happen! I need to get some labwork done for goodness sake! *sigh* 

Did some reading this morning though and washing. Mr. Hubby cooked and now at the Friday prayers. He attempted to cook Osso buco that takes 2 hours to cook. I'm hungry! Heh... Will have lunch when he comes home in a bit. In the mean time, I thought I'd blog a bit while waiting.
Whose are these???? Hihihi...
The girls from Micro lab in Uni organized a baby shower for me last week and it was a surprised! I totally fell for it. I even got a bit teary. Huhuhu... It was a very simple one. Lunch and pressies. 
The girls had each of the pressies individually wrapped! 
 Almost everyone from the lab joined in; Eva, Chrissy, Tara, Nikki, Aycan, Amberlee, Emma and Jazz. Thank you so much, girls!!! You've all been wonderful. Not just for the baby shower but for being so nice, caring, supportive and helpful from the moment you knew I was pregnant. 
Ysanne couldn't make it for the shower but she had been planning and working on a wonderful gift for months. Mr Hubby loves it and was all excited about it as he couldn't stop smiling whilst looking at it and he immediately posted a photo on his Facebook wall.
Handmade patchwork blanket... Thanks Ysanne!
Nubia also dropped by our place early last week and got something for the lil un. It was from her, Ana (Nubia's sister) and their family. There was also a handmade card made by her mum. Thank you!!!
Nappy Cake! ;-)
I think we have everything covered in terms of the lil un's clothes, etc. I have been looking for baby mittens for a while now. We have a few but some are I feel too big for newborns so I wanted to get more. I've been to all the big stores; Target, K-Mart, Big W, etc but couldn't find them. And finally, I found them at Woolies yesterday! I was so excited! OMG! I got excited for having find baby mittens?! Haha! Anyways, hope they'll fit out lil un perfectly. 
Too cute! Should I buy more? Hhmmm...
 I am now in my 38th week and people say it's anytime now. Hhmmm... honestly, I feel like I'm not totally prepared for what's coming. Is that normal? Huhuhu... 
Anyways, I'm sure we'll be fine. ;-)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011 | By: Wa@Wawek@Siti ;)

Wishlist at 36 weeks pregnant

The episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show last Friday celebrated Mother’s day. Everyone in the audience received heaps of stuff. Baby stuff was also given away. Strollers, baby car seat, 6-months-nappy-supply, baby cot, changing table, baby carrier, clothes, toys, vouchers for all sorts of baby shops and basically everything you need for a baby. Anything you could think of, Ellen got it covered! I want them too!!!! Mr. Hubby was also saying how it would be great to get that 6-months-supply of nappies. Huhuhu... Last few months, The Circle threw an on-air Baby shower for Gorgi Coghlan (one of their host), who was pregnant then. It was probably sometime in November if I'm not mistaken. The show invited pregnant ladies to be their audience and they all received everything that the Gorgi got. Practically everything you need for a baby. I don’t think they need to buy anything else for their bubs. Ellen’s and The Circle’s audiences were so lucky!!! *Sigh* I wish I was that lucky!

Well, I’m not saying I’m not lucky at all; my sister bought me Amway’s confinement set which are herbs and stuff for after I give birth. Thank you K.long! I also got to choose maternity clothes from my sisters. Hehehe... For the lil un, we did received clothes since Xmas last year such as bodysuits or onesies, wraps and a baby bag from my sisters, sister-in-law and brother-in-law in Malaysia as well as from Imelda and Tom, and Vicki all the way from Sydney. We also received baby rockers, changing table with storage rack, baby’s portable bath tub and a bassinet from our landlady and her daughters. Eventhough they are not brand new, they are still in good condition and we couldn’t be more grateful. They also gave us heaps of baby clothes, wraps, cot linens, blankets and baby toys. They have been so nice and helpful so far and are just as excited as us. It’s also a relief to know that we can count on them if we needed to. We’ve been blessed. :-)

So, what do we still need? I’m still not sure whether to get a manual or electric breast milk pump??? Should I get it now? There are so many choices! Help Me!!!! Huhuhu... We’ll probably need more nappies and wipes. We haven’t bought any baby bath gel, creams, lotions, etc. What should we have ready, eh? I feel like we are so relaxed and not entirely prepared! Huhuhu...

I supposed the most important thing is; the baby car seat! Huhuhu... Now that we have a car (Oh yeah, will have an entry on that soon, I hope. Heh...), we definitely need a car seat. It’s the law people! Huhuhu... We have been looking at car seats as well as strollers/prams online and at the shops. They can be pretty expensive, eh?! Especially those baby capsules. Huhuhu... We’ve decided that we’ll just buy a convertible one. It can be used for newborns till the bub’s about 18kg. When will we buy it? Well, Mr. Hubby was a bit reluctant to buy one now. We are at the moment depending on just my monthly allowance. We’d figured we’ll wait till he gets a job. In the mean time, we might just rent a capsule for when the baby comes, just to start off. I have to say this though; Target and Big W’s having a sale on babies’ and kids’ stuff! Hehe! And I can and will keep dreaming for the things I want for our lil un! (And for me too!) ;-) Haha!

Dreaming with a budget in mind;

From Target...
Mother's Choice Emperor convertible car seat. So Cheap! It's only $149!
Steelcraft Cruiser stroller. If I wanna splurge a little? It's $249. Cheap? Hhmm...
Maybe a bit later on..? Baby Club Holiday Portacot at $49.
From Big W...
Zuzu Astro convertible car seat at $198. Looks so comfy!
3-wheelers somehow attracts me and this one is only $148!!!
Hubby kinda like this coz the handle's convertible. It's only $148!

Dreaming without a care in the world;

In addition, the travel system needs a Graco or Maxi-Cosi infant car seat which is sold separately. Can read more here Phil and Teds smart bundle.

Heaps more to dream about but that's enough for today! Hehehe...


PS: Mr. Hubby’s student dependent visa has been approved! Yeay! He can start working now. Anyone got a job for him?