Monday, October 18, 2010 | By: Wa@Wawek@Siti ;)


You've got flowers!!! :-)

Thanks so much, Tara!!! She came in the lab this morning and told me she has flowers for me, fresh from her garden! My house is now very pretty. I've made small arrangements of the flowers. Well, at least I tried. Heh.. And now, I have flowers on the TV as I enter the house, the coffee table, on the dinner table and a rose on my bedside table in my room. :-)
The whole bunch of fresh wonderful flowers...
On the TV...
On the coffee table beside the lounge...
On the dinner table...
A rose next to the bed... Hope I won't knock it while I sleep.. Huhuhu...
I wish I know the names of them all. I suck! Huhuhu... I LOVE flowers nonetheless. Anyways, now I can 'watch' the TV without even turning it on. Ahaksss!! ;-)


PS: Wonder if I can get a part time job making flower arrangements?! Haha!
Sunday, October 17, 2010 | By: Wa@Wawek@Siti ;)


MARI SERTAI CONTEST MORTAR BOARD : The Beauty In Ugly (click gambar dibawah!!)

It's not complete but it's a great one nonetheless.. :)
What more can I say? Sharing one of my happiest days in my life with my family; PRICELESS! :-) They've been with me all through the challanges and hardship, encouraging and praying for me all the way. Finally, on the 29th of July 2006, I was presented with a Master of Science degree. Woohoooo!!! It was 4 years ago but luckily I've kept all the photos taken on that day (kudos to technology!!), looking back, it seems like it was yesterday. Thank you Mr. E.D.Y. Your contest made me looked through the old photos in my external hardrive and it kinda reminded me how blessed I am and gave me strenght to go on with my mission in Oz! Heh.. :-)

Now, one of the requirement of this contest is to tag other bloggers. Hope you guys do it with much fun as I did. No strings attached though! The lucky ones are;


Wanted to tag more peeps but gotta rush back to the lab. Need to get those experiments done before the day gets dark!!! Hehehe...