Saturday, November 27, 2010 | By: Wa@Wawek@Siti ;)
It's been too long. Been thinking of blogging. Having thoughts of what to write i.e the entry title, how to start the entry, what's it about etc; but once I'm online, I'll just not feel like it. Huhuhu... (Malas sebenarnye!!!Heh..) 

I missed the 1pm bus home and because it's Saturday, the bus comes once every hour. Booo!!! Might as well write an entry, eh?!

Heaps happened these past few weeks. The highlight would be on the 10th. Presented in a competition in the morning and had my PhD confirmation seminar in the afternoon. Finally.
I didn't win the competition but my PhD candidature is now confirmed and it's not probationary anymore. Yeay! Alhamdulillah.

Before the competition started.

I froze!!! Blaming it on the nerves!!! Huhuhu.. Oh well, I had fun though and received a box of chocolates! :-)

Pictures courtesy of my dear friend, Nubia. Muchas gracias! ;-)

Time to go home!

Monday, November 8, 2010 | By: Wa@Wawek@Siti ;)

~ for the rest of my life ~

I feel so blerghhhh!!! Been emotionally unstable; get sad easily, get all teary in a second... Especially when I think of my Mr. Hubby; face suddenly feels hot, like blood rushing to your cheeks and all over your face and the next thing you know, tears start to build up in your eyes. Urghhh!!! I'm actually crying as I'm writing this! I'm blaming it on the stress of doing research and the song For the rest of my life by Maher Zain that I'm currently listening to. That's it! No more sad songs or stories for me! Huhuhu...

Can't help missing Mr. Hubby though! :'(

Apologies for such a blerghhh entry!