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Baby sister has a baby. Really???!!!

Whoa!!! Almost 5 months of not blogging?! Well, I tried. There must be almost a dozen of drafts that didn't quiet make it. Hopefully this one does! Ahakss!!! Better make this a quick one! ;-)

As for life goes these past couple of months; A LOT has happened! I supposed it's pretty much the same for everyone else, eh?! Huhuhu...

The highlight and probably what prompted me to get an entry in my blog is... My lil sister had her baby!!! Woohooo!!!! Still can't believe it. Seen photos, talked to my sister on the phone and all, but I really wish I could be there right this moment! *sigh* 
Anyways, CONGRATULATIONS Limah & Naeim!!! So so happy for you both! Alhamdulillah mum & bub (and dad too, i think! hee..) are doing fine. ;-)

GERAMNYEEE!!!! :-) Muhammad Rafiqi - October 30th, 2012.
My sister, Yan also gave birth to her second child; a baby boy. Baby Eli. It's kinda old news but I haven't met the lil guy yet. ;-( I hope to meet him soon though!
 Don't you just love newborn babies?!!!!
Lots of hugs & kisses!!!


* (Photo courtesy of Abg Din from Facebook. TQ!) ;-)
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Happy birthday, Aariz!

Aariz is one!

Too quick! 
He was born on June 16th at 7.36pm. So, around this time last year, Mr.Hubby, Aariz and I were probably still in the birth suite. Aariz was probably just finished his feed and being cuddled by Mr.Hubby and me getting all stitched up. Feels like it was ages ago and yet I still remember everything like it was yesterday.

Today, we did not have a big birthday party or anything like that. We didn't even planned anything. I personally wasn't so sure if anyone would come anyways. Huhuhu... Yesterday, Mr.Hubby and I prayed our evening prayers together and read the Yassin and some Tahlil/Doa Selamat (Quran citations and prayers); Thanking God for Aariz, his health and everything for the past year and for the years to come. Alhamdulillah, InsyaAllah, Ameen. I made some Pulut Kuning with some boiled quail eggs this morning and Mr.Hubby cooked some beef curry. It has always been a tradition of our family to cook the yellow glutinous rice for special occasions. My late Grandmother would always make it for our birthdays and other celebrations. I didn't bake a cake today. It's just me and Mr.Hubby. Chocolate eclairs tomorrow? Maybe. ;-) We didn't do much today apart from going to the market to get some meat.
2-tier yellow glutinous rice with boiled quail eggs. :-)
One hand...
Two hands...
Hhmmmm... ;-)
Linda gave Aariz an early birthday present yesterday. And this afternoon, Helen, Linda's sister came by and gave her present for Aariz. They both are such lovely people!
Playing with Linda's gift.
Present from Helen...
I rolled the doggie over so he can have a sleep, Mama... ;-)
CikYan texted and called. Thank you for the birthday wish! Our dear friend, Jannah also texted and wished Aariz a happy birthday. Oh, thank you for the wish on Facebook CikLimah!
It's been a month now since Aariz started to walk. And he is walking everywhere, all the time! The only time his not moving about is when his asleep. Well, he does roll over and spin around while his sleeps sometimes. Heh...

Happy birthday, Aariz!

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Chocolate Éclairs

Masterchef Australia 2012's Afternoon Tea Challenge in Tasmania.
The above prompted me to try and make Chocolate Éclairs myself. 
Oh and it's winter - comfort food time! Hehehe!
I have been looking for them and even tried one from a bakery near our place few weeks ago. I'm not really sure how a really good Chocolate Éclairs should taste like but hey, pastry + cream + chocolate?! Anytime, anywhere. Hihihi...
Mr.Hubby and Aariz was having their afternoon nap so thought I'd have a go at a recipe I found online few days ago. It's from this webpage.
Below are the photos of my creation. ;-)

I know..they don't really look like the ones at the shops, etc. They're a bit 'rustic'?! Hihi..
Overall, I think I've pulled it off quite well. ;-)
As usual, Mr.Hubby gave a tick of approval for my effort today. So, OK lah... ;-)

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Salmon and Spinach Quiche

Just a quick entry. 
I was itching to try make this quiche ever since I came across it the other day. 
Saw the recipe from this blog. I really admire the owner/writer of the blog. Such a great cook!!! And her photos are so much more pretty, tasty and professional looking!
Oh, and I'm also dedicating this post to my MIL and SIL. ;-) I was making this when they were Skype-ing with Mr.Hubby and Aariz. First time try ni, Mak and Aisyah. OKlah... Hehe...

Fresh from the oven. Quiche's still in the tin.
Mr.Hubby helped taking the Quiche out from the tin and took this photo. ;-)
My quiche tin's about 2cm deep, hence it's quite thin... Sodap aje.. Ahakksss!
Mr.Hubby just had to take this shot just because.. Heh..
We really need to practice taking photos more! Huhuhu...

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one.. two.. three..

May 16, 2012 - Aariz is 11 months.
One of his favourite spots - under the chair...
Last week, Friday, was a pretty historic day for us - Mr.Hubby and I that is. Aariz took his first few steps. Woohooo!!! He was doing squats (squatting and standing up, squatting and standing up...) over and over all day earlier that week. He then stands up by himself almost all the time since. He then crawls like Spiderman; on hands and feet and not hand and knees like the usual crawl. Huhuhu...  He still does that sometimes. Few days before Friday, he took very little wobbly steps; almost like dragging his feet for about 3 steps before throwing himself to Mr.Hubby who's holding some grapes. Yes, he was after the grapes. Talk about motivation, eh?! ;-) We were at the Friday's prayers at the Kawana community centre when Aariz took about 3 firm steps. He was after another boy's toy. Aariz then probably realize it was faster if he crawls. And later at home that day, all day, he was constantly trying to put his foot up and walk, but eventually lets himself fall to the floor to sit or crawl instead. It's fine. We are not too stress on him walking just yet. Him just crawling around put ourselves on edge most of the time anyways. Huhuhu...

Last week we saw Aariz's upper teeth started to grow. There's two of them. He was a bit fussy the week before. I supposed the teeth was cutting through his gums then. Must be so annoying! But he's as always manageable; nothing too serious. ;-) He's wanting to eat what we're eating so he's had heaps of new food like prunes, bikkies, fish, homemade meatballs, spaghetti and vegie soup with rice. I gave up trying to feed him with his bowl and spoon. Instead I just feed him with my hands (suap) before I eat or as I was eating. Heh... He's able to get himself out of his Bumbo seat now so we probably need a highchair very soon. Sometimes it's just so much work to feed him with him crawling everywhere. Huhuhu...

He's got smelly smelly poo!!! No surprise there, eh??!!! There's this one time few weeks back when he actually almost had a taste of his own poo. Tell me about it, yuck!!! Huhuhu... Well, I usually change his nappy once his wakes up every morning. That particularly morning, I didn't and his nappy was about to burst as he decided to take a poopy. And evidently, the nappy bursts, and poo was everywhere. He was across the living room when saw him picking up something from the carpet and was about to put it in his mouth. I called out his name and his little finger with the thing landed just below his lower lip. Yeah, you guessed it, his own poo! He went in the showers straight away and Mr.Hubby cleaned up the mess. Thank God for Mr.Hubby not working. It was a Sunday. ;-) I told my sister, Yan the next day and she told me to write it in my diary. So yes, this is the diary. Hehehe!

Still haven't had the chance to take videos of Aariz walking. I do have this one video of him turning on the TV. Yeah, ever since he learned how to do it, he'll just turn it on and off whenever he feels like it.

He's also not afraid of the vacuum cleaner anymore. He used to get all panicky and run to one of us for scared that the vacuum cleaner will get him everytime it's turned on. Nowadays, he'll be helping me out! Hehe... Oh and he also loves keeping the drawer of my study table as well as the TV stand's cabinet 'tidy'. Huhuhu...

I got this covered, Mama! ;-)
Whatcha looking at??? Huhuhu...
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The Apple of My Eye

Eating the apple just takes too much energy!

Morning snack or morning nap??!!! Hihihi...
Would not let go... Huhuhu...
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Splash! Splash!

I've finally uploaded a video on my YouTube account. It's a video of Aariz, of course. Huhuhu... 
We had been planning to try out this pool for ages and we finally did earlier last month. He just loves the water!!! The pool fits all three of us but we couldn't really do much in it. Hihihi... Oh the pool was a gift from our dear friends in Brisbane. We should have tried it out earlier. Nowadays it's getting too cold and it's been raining almost everyday on the Coast. Can't wait to have Aariz play in his pool again. Come on sunny days! :-)

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Without me mobile phone

It was 5 minutes to 9 in the morning and I was rushing to leave the house to catch the 9.11 am bus to Uni. I thought I've had everything but as I arrived at the bus stop, I realized I've left my mobile phone at home. I can see it - sitting on the TV stand. *SIGH* As I was contemplating whether to return home, take the phone and walk back to the bus stop, or not, the bus arrived. No arguments there. So, the day began without the phone. Big deal?! Well, not so much I guess. It's just a bit weird and I was a bit restless earlier in the day. But after I started doing stuff, had a meeting with my supervisor and do more stuff at Uni, I kinda forgot about the phone. Mr.Hubby did not pick up my call when I tried to call him. I did however send a text to him using the public pay phone. Can we do that in Malaysia??? Anyway, yeah Aariz was with me all day long. I texted Mr.Hubby saying we are in Uni and we'll wait for him to pick us up home. That was at around 3pm. At about 4.30pm, he's still a no show and he still didn't pick up the phone when I tried to called. Aariz looked tired, it was getting cold as the wind was blowing quite strongly, it was overcast and looked like it was going to rain, the Uni was getting really quiet and I was a little bit anxious. It was almost 5 pm when I finally decided to take the bus home - hoping that we'll reach home first and able to tell Mr.Hubby that he does not have to stop by Uni to pick us up. Mr.Hubby had an extraordinary long day at work that day, so he just came off work just as I arrived home. I had a missed call from an unknown number, missed calls from Mr.Hubby and a text from my labmate. Sorry Eva!!! At the end of the day, everything worked out just fine. Eventhough it was not such a big deal without the mobile phone, I think I'll make sure I have it with me especially when I'm out and about. ;-)
8 hours without mobile phone. Can you imagine 30 days without it? Huhuhu...

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I know! It's been a while. Huhuhu...
It's been a while since I had the chance to be online long enough to really check my emails, read blogs and reply facebook massages. So, posting a blog entry is just impossible. But this morning, I have checked and replied my emails, replied facebook messages and managed to blog hopped a bit. I even had the time to find some references for my research, had a lil bit of a read and printed them out. Woohoo!!! Cemerlang u! Heh... Aariz? Fast asleep on my lap as I go about on the computer. Oh, we're at the Graduate centre. Been here since 6 am this morning. Did a quick stop at the lab while Mr.Hubby looked after Aariz at the carpack. He then went to work. We left the house at 5.15 am! Huhuhu...

Anyways, since Aariz's emergency visit to the hospital, we had friends over and went fishing along the river in front of our house (twice), we went home to Malaysia for 2 weeks for my sister's wedding, watched a lot of DVDs at home (and stayed home on off days because Mr.Hubby and I were too tired to do anything else!) and spent time in Uni at odd hours. Huhuhu... Aariz though is doing a lot of new things. By 8 months;

He's sitting well without support.
Although there was a few occasions when he'll just lose his balance resulting in a small bump on his head.
He's crawling!
He kinda pushed himself forward for 2-3 weeks to move around until he was able to actually crawl. He did some bottom shuffling too then. Hehe...
He was also able to push himself up to a standing position on furnitures.
Exciting at first for Mr.Hubby and I but it then became a lil bit scary until now we just got used to it. Yeah, falls are truly inevitable nowadays. Huhuhu...
He's quite talkative!
Making lots of cooing, mumbling, and all sorts of sounds whenever he feels like it. Wonder where he gets it from?! Heh..
He has 2 bottom teeths!
Ouch?!!! Huhuhu...

Aariz's up! I should probably continue this next time. Soon. I hope. Heh...

Till next time.

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Allergic Reaction

Mr.Hubby and I were too excited to have Aariz eating like us, we've forgotten that he's just not ready yet. He had only tried rice cereal, pureed carrots, melons, sweet potato, and potato. I kinda know Aariz needs to try other type of food before going for banana milk rusks but yes, I gave him one anyway earlier today. What were we thinking?! We did not! Huhuhu...
Aariz happily had the rusk around 1.30 pm. He was a bit fussy and had trouble falling to sleep for his nap around 2. As I was putting him down, I realized there were more rashes on his chest than his usual eczema rash. Few minutes later, his ears started to turn red. Then these mosquito-bite-marks-like rashes (bintat-bintat) appeared on his face and at the back of his neck. Mr.Hubby and Salman had a look at Aariz and they both think something is wrong. So, when Aariz's eyelid starts to swell, we decided to take him to the hospital. Salman drove us to Mater Hospital and dropped us at the children's emergency. We arrived there by 3.30 with Aariz's face almost swollen and he was so irritable (poor Aariz!). After a brief registration and panicky explanation to the baby nurse, a Pediatrician had a looked at Aariz. Medications was given to reduce the itchiness and the allergic reaction. She told us they have to monitor Aariz for at least 4 to 6 hours.
After vomiting his first round of medications. Ears still swollen. :-(
 After a short nap and the second round of medications as he vomited everything the first time, Aariz's condition started to get better. He had a quick feed and after a short nap, Aariz was his cheerful and friendly self again. It was as if nothing had happened. What a relief! Alhamdulillah
I'm all good and ready to go!
Just realized there's something on his toe...
Now, how do I get this thing off me?!
 The pediatrician had a last look at Aariz and we were finally allowed to go home by 7 pm.
The whole ordeal lasted about 5 hours but it felt like ages. I almost cried while explaining to the baby nurse what happened at the registration counter but didn't. Luckily for me, Mr.Hubby was so calm and cool. Thank you! And thank you to Salman and Intan too.
So yeah, that was our first day of the year.
Happy New Year 2012!
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Redha vs Pasrah

First entry in Malay? Anyways...

Malam tadi tengok Ombak Rindu dengan EncikSuami, Intan dan Salman. Ada satu scene tu, Lisa Surihani cakap pasal redha dan pasrah. Wa saja2 tanya apa beza antara redha dan pasrah. Tiba2 EncikSuami kata, "lebih kurang masa kita berak lah". Huh?! Huhuhu... Dia pun terus mengupas dengan lebih lanjut. Dia kata lepas kita berak, kita ada tengok balik ke apa yang kita buang tu? Tak kan? Kita selalunya akan ikhlas memerut dan let go. Huhuhu... Dan pasrah pulak adalah bila kita sakit perut nak berak. Terpaksa tahan je lah kan. Nak buat camne?! Huhuhu...
Ye ke?!
As for Ombak Rindu; OKlah... Slow skit tapi kira berjayalah production team diorang sebab kami semua tengok sampai habis, tak fast forward or skip any scenes. Huhu...

Selamat Tahun Baru 2012!


PS: Minta maap ye kalau entry ini menggunakan perkataan yang sedikit tidak senonoh. Heh...