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Allergic Reaction

Mr.Hubby and I were too excited to have Aariz eating like us, we've forgotten that he's just not ready yet. He had only tried rice cereal, pureed carrots, melons, sweet potato, and potato. I kinda know Aariz needs to try other type of food before going for banana milk rusks but yes, I gave him one anyway earlier today. What were we thinking?! We did not! Huhuhu...
Aariz happily had the rusk around 1.30 pm. He was a bit fussy and had trouble falling to sleep for his nap around 2. As I was putting him down, I realized there were more rashes on his chest than his usual eczema rash. Few minutes later, his ears started to turn red. Then these mosquito-bite-marks-like rashes (bintat-bintat) appeared on his face and at the back of his neck. Mr.Hubby and Salman had a look at Aariz and they both think something is wrong. So, when Aariz's eyelid starts to swell, we decided to take him to the hospital. Salman drove us to Mater Hospital and dropped us at the children's emergency. We arrived there by 3.30 with Aariz's face almost swollen and he was so irritable (poor Aariz!). After a brief registration and panicky explanation to the baby nurse, a Pediatrician had a looked at Aariz. Medications was given to reduce the itchiness and the allergic reaction. She told us they have to monitor Aariz for at least 4 to 6 hours.
After vomiting his first round of medications. Ears still swollen. :-(
 After a short nap and the second round of medications as he vomited everything the first time, Aariz's condition started to get better. He had a quick feed and after a short nap, Aariz was his cheerful and friendly self again. It was as if nothing had happened. What a relief! Alhamdulillah
I'm all good and ready to go!
Just realized there's something on his toe...
Now, how do I get this thing off me?!
 The pediatrician had a last look at Aariz and we were finally allowed to go home by 7 pm.
The whole ordeal lasted about 5 hours but it felt like ages. I almost cried while explaining to the baby nurse what happened at the registration counter but didn't. Luckily for me, Mr.Hubby was so calm and cool. Thank you! And thank you to Salman and Intan too.
So yeah, that was our first day of the year.
Happy New Year 2012!
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Redha vs Pasrah

First entry in Malay? Anyways...

Malam tadi tengok Ombak Rindu dengan EncikSuami, Intan dan Salman. Ada satu scene tu, Lisa Surihani cakap pasal redha dan pasrah. Wa saja2 tanya apa beza antara redha dan pasrah. Tiba2 EncikSuami kata, "lebih kurang masa kita berak lah". Huh?! Huhuhu... Dia pun terus mengupas dengan lebih lanjut. Dia kata lepas kita berak, kita ada tengok balik ke apa yang kita buang tu? Tak kan? Kita selalunya akan ikhlas memerut dan let go. Huhuhu... Dan pasrah pulak adalah bila kita sakit perut nak berak. Terpaksa tahan je lah kan. Nak buat camne?! Huhuhu...
Ye ke?!
As for Ombak Rindu; OKlah... Slow skit tapi kira berjayalah production team diorang sebab kami semua tengok sampai habis, tak fast forward or skip any scenes. Huhu...

Selamat Tahun Baru 2012!


PS: Minta maap ye kalau entry ini menggunakan perkataan yang sedikit tidak senonoh. Heh...