Saturday, May 16, 2020 | By: Wa@Wawek@Siti ;)
Always remembered, never forgotten. Yes, how can I forget this blog and how I wish I could write regularly. Maybe this is a new beginning? 😌

Anyway, it has definitely been too long since the last post. Too many things have happened. But I don’t think any of us would have ever thought we were forced to stay at home to fight and hopefully win a battle. After 59 days, we’re closer to winning but still it’s not over yet. That’s a whole story for another day.

And then, there’s the baby. Yes, the third one. If anyone would have said to me 10 months ago, I’m going to have a baby, I would have definitely laughed at that person’s face. Now look who’s laughing, huh?! 😜 This, while pregnant at 38 and giving birth during the Movement Restriction Order (MCO) period is also another story for another day.

Today, it’s all about being appreciated.

April 2020 marks the 60th month of me being a Kindy Teacher. Yes, 5 years! Who would have thought, huh?! Aariz was 4 and Eisa just turned 1 when we decided to be a part of TKE ‘s family. Well for me initially, it was definitely just to have something to do; earn some money while having my son with me. Aariz started Nursery 2 (N2) but we had to send Eisa to my aunty’s while we’re at work. Mr. Hubby took care most of the sending and picking up Eisa to and fro. Sometimes I did, as I finish work at 3. It was an arrangement that worked really well.

The next year, TKE’s management offered to have Eisa in school for Nursery 1 (N1). Although I wasn’t 100% sure, Alhamdulillah, we were truly thankful for the offer. I can work and have both of my sons with me. It was truly a blessing.

As time goes by, all the teachers at school became more than just colleagues. We became a family. My bosses, which has now became more like mentors, sometimes mothers, at times sisters and also friends are truly the best bosses I could ever have. Don’t get me wrong, they’d give you a hellavu scolding if you’re slacking in work and do things you shouldn’t be doing. But it’s all for the greater good of the children. Yes, the children of Tadika Khalifah Elit (TKE). Gosh, I miss them! 😅

Anyways, yes my bosses. They make me personally feel appreciated. And I think all the teachers and staff feels that too. In ways that I would have never thought possible. Little things. Little gestures. Some would feel like they don’t make a difference but they actually do. We would be celebrated for our birthdays, achievements; even if it’s to pass the driving test. We get special treats on Teachers Day and Duit Raya for Aidilfitri. And amidst the happy times, we would also be comforted during the sad and hard times. In fact the whole of TKE family will support you if you’d just let them. There’s always a shoulder to cry on. Just choose which one you want 😉.

The joy of giving.

Of all the many things I’ve learned working at TKE, this is one of the things that I think make TKE a great organization. Our bosses love to give and they are the happiest when they can give. And I have learned from watching them and feeling their love and affections over time, the joy it brings when I myself do it. Give. Whenever you can, give. It does not have to be something expensive or it doesn’t even have to be an object. It could be your time, your affection, your help and even your prayers. Give with an open heart. And it’s not just me. I can see that most of the teachers if not all of us have become such wonderful individuals, more thoughtful and just love to give. Past and present.

Yeay! Duit Raya! 😁 Alhamdulillah 💕💕💕

Love the gifts! 💕
And on this Teachers Day today, I want to express my utmost appreciation and love to Teacher Anny and Teacher Hanis. I pray only great and wonderful things will come your way and that you’ll both be blessed always.❤️

Not forgetting also Teacher Eeda, Teacher Sue, Teacher Dee, Teacher Yana, Teacher Fiza, Teacher Wawa, Teacher Umi, Teacher Liya, Teacher Aliah, Cik Mas, Teacher Neesa, Teacher Nurul, Teacher Byha and Teacher Sufi; lots of prayers and love for all of you amazing ladies. May all your wishes come true and be blessed always. ❤️

Also to teacher Susi, teacher Wani, teacher Nana, teacher Ros, teacher Adda and Ibu (teacher Cha).  Lots of prayers for all you wonderful ladies too. Thank you for being in my life still. ☺️

And of course, HAPPY TEACHERS DAY!

To all my teachers and all the teachers in the world. You are the best and only the best can become teachers 😉

“The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see.”

Have a great day, everyone!